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Tobani and Kakunimeshi


Tobani Tobani

Tobani refers to simmered pork belly (buta-no-kakuni).
Tobani is one of the centerpiece dishes of traditional Shippoku style cuisine.
The name is rumored to have derived from the Chinese poet Su Tunpo (written similarly in Chinese), who is held to have been fond of Tobani.

Sakamotoya’s Tobani offers a moist and tenderly soft texture, the secret of which is to thoroughly remove the pork fat via a slow boil, leaving only the gelatin to give our Tobani its delicious flavor.
After the pork fat is removed, our Tobani is flavored with a special sauce, and simmered for several hours while diligently removing any lye during cooking. The meat is then left overnight to seal in the flavor and completed into Tobani with a final seasoning.

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Only meat of the highest quality can withstand the slow simmering process, and Sakamotoya Tobani is made using only the choicest cuts of pork rib fillets.

As a long-standard steward of Shippoku-style cuisine, the flavor experience at Sakamotoya is a time honored craft made possible by using the best ingredients, master culinary skills, patience and slowly simmering.

Tobani travel gifts (omiyage) are available in a vacuum sealed package.
(expiration: two months at room temperature)
Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and the Tobani is ready to enjoy.


Kakunimeshi Kakunimeshi

Sakamotoya family secret Tobani cooking broth, Nagasaki rice, glutinous rice (mochi-gome), carrots, burdock root (gobo), and shiitake mushrooms cooked inside bamboo leaves.

The Kakuni-meshi travel gift (omiyage) may be enjoyed after steaming for 15 to 20 minutes to impart a rich flavor from the bamboo leaves. Kakuni-meshi can also be heated by microwave.
(expiration: two months at frozen)

  1. Material of Kakuni-meshiKakuni-meshi is a convenient meal for those busy end of year.
  2. CoveredCovered with bite sized Tobani and wrapped in bamboo leaves
  3. Kakuni-meshi bentoTry out our bento selections
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