Ryotei Ryokan Sakamotoya

Reservations by telephone TEL:0120-26-8210

Inn accommodations


Relaxation space

Sakamotoya rooms conjure up images of the traditional Japan: from the cooling sensations of uchimizu (sprinkling water in summer), sudare bamboo partitions, and cane wicker furniture, to a hot bath in a cypress tub, snow on a garden mound, or camellia flowers. All together Sakamotoya contains 16 guest rooms, all done in a pure Japanese fashion. The Japanese spirit and ancient love of the seasons continues today in our hospitality.

Room rates
(one person, including
dinner and breakfast)
Rates starting 15,000 JPY (Kaisekizen meal)
Rates starting 18,000 JPY (Shippoku meal)
(Prices include hotel service fee but not tax)
Menu Dinner/Kaisekizen or Shippoku-meal
Breakfast/Japanese style breakfast
(Meals may be served in the common dining area or guest quarters)
Number of accommodation rooms 5 Japanese style rooms
(All with cypress tubs and washlet)
Facilities Large and small banquet hall,and conference room, and 1 family-style tubs also available.
check-in/check-out check-in at 3:00p.m
check-out at 10:00a.m
Reservations 0120-26-8210
Cancelation policy 3 to 2 days in advance 30% / One day before 50%
Same day or no-show 100%
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